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10 Easy Ways To Fail Instagram

Fail Instagram

Fail Instagram in 10 easy ways?

That’s right. If you have a public account but don’t want engagement and want  a pretty quiet account then just follow all 10 easy tips. By following these tips, I am confident that you will succeed in wonderful Instagram failure.

Here they are:

1. Don’t post any photos.

Number one tip for guaranteed failure. Just don’t put any photos out there. After all it is a photo-sharing site. Just don’t share anything. Personally I don’t understand accounts that do not have any photos. Perhaps, someone can explain it to me. What is the point? My advice would be to delete the account and without a doubt, you would fail Instagram.

fail Instagram with no posts

2. Don’t have a profile picture.

This is true for all social network sites. Remain invisible. This is a great way to make your profile impersonal.

fail instagram with no profile pic

3. Say nothing about yourself

Right up there with not having a profile picture on your Instagram account, is not saying anything about yourself. Not even one word. Seriously, this is another good tip to fail Instagram.  It is a sure way of hiding. If someone wanted to know more about you, they can’t! Brilliant!

4. Just post photos of your product 

Again, this is true for all social sites and Instagram is not any different. Just broadcast your business with your products without any context whatsoever! Yes! Make every photo a different angle of your product. That’s right,  I mean every photo! In fact just download pictures from your catalogue. There is nothing more interesting than viewing a 600 page catalogue, right?

5. Just post photos of yourself only.

Ahhhh  we live in the world of selfies, so why not make every photo of your 300 + posts, of you  and only you. I know how I react when I visit an Instagram account when every photo is a photo of one person ie the account holder. I have a passing interest then I move on and don’t follow. After all, there is nothing else interesting in the world worth capturing but yourself.

shirleytoon 1shirleytoon 1shirleytoon 1


6. Don’t visit anyone

Moving right along from just posting photos of only yourself to not visiting anyone’s account. Stay in the realm of self. Why on earth would you want to see what anyone else is doing or posting anyway? Nothing of value in doing that, right? That would be making a connection on some level and that might sound like winning!

7. Don’t say anything about your photo

Post a photo and don’t say anything about it. Not one word. Leave viewers curious about the photo. After all,  the comment field on the platform is only a suggestion ~ why use this opportunity to share a perspective or what the photo is about. Let viewers guess.

8. Don’t add any hashtags

On a site where a multitude of hashtags is part of the culture, do the opposite. Don’t put any hashtags. To fail Instagram, have a public account where you cannot to be found.  So make sure you don’t use any hashtags. Hey, furthermore by not using any hashtags it will totally reduce your chances of being featured by anyone else on the platform. This one is a beauty!

9. Don’t comment or thank anyone who takes the time to comment on your stuff

Yes, you can continue to dehumanize your account by never responding to any comments that you receive on your account.  Responding would mean engagement and adding a personality. So let’s not do that.

10. Unfollow a follower as soon as the person follows you back.

Managing your follower base is very important when you are on any of the social sites. However un-following a person almost immediately after  that person has followed you is a little on the cold side.  So go ahead if this is indeed the message you would like to send.”I’m cold”.

These are my 10 tips to fail Instagram.

Okay, I am being a little naughty but I had fun writing that.  All of the above, I have seen in one form or another. Yes, I have seen accounts with absolutely zero photos on it. At the same time, I have seen accounts that do one or two of the above [e.g. accounts without profile descriptions] that are doing fine however they have mastered all the other tips  by doing the opposite to that stated.

So on a more serious note, I would like to highlight that we live in a world where every message we  convey can be interpreted by how the recipient experienced that message. We also live in a world that is very visual. So consequently, the combination of visuals and the associated  message are very important in determining that experience. So do you really  want to fail Instagram? Instagram is a platform that enables both those two elements really well. Why not leverage that? If you do want to leverage that, then of course do the opposite to all that I have advised above and you will do well.

Good luck on whatever path you choose. Feel free to add to my list by commenting below.


3 Responses to “10 Easy Ways To Fail Instagram”

  1. Hi dear shirley,

    My question are :

    Google didn’t scored Instagram as one social site and linkes from pictures never brought users to the site.
    why we should work on Instagram, yet?
    maybe should put that time on YouTube or twitter ?
    how it help to content-marketing or SEO?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your question. Really good question.
      It really depends on your own objectives whether personal or professional. The engagement on Instagram is really high! I have experienced this first hand. Although I had an IG account, I did not really use it until the beginning of this year. I love taking photos and use many for my posts. Secondly we are in a visual world and hence I thought I needed to better understand this platform. I went from an average of 0 likes to average of 90 likes in the current year. Secondly the stats outside my own experience have indicated that 4% of IG users engage whereas only 0.07% of FB users engage. So if you are seeking a way to better engage with your audience, having Instagram as part of your program could a good fit. Brands like Nike have used the platform extremely well. It is also very easy to carry out campaigns and contests using the site. So perhaps not so much about Google, it is more about how to engage your audience. Finally I also do it because of the love of photography.

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