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10 Reasons For Loving Instagram

shirleys 10 reasons for loving instagram

I am now a big photo-sharing fan and I am going to share my 10 reasons for loving Instagram with you in this post.

It has been a little quiet on my site. My apologies to my followers and extended network. My work pulled me across the waters for a few months. I have been using social media – the photo-sharing kind. During this time, I have become a huge Instagram fan! Therefore, I would like to re-ignite my passion for the social space with my 10 reasons for loving Instagram!

My 10 reasons for loving Instagram are:

1. It is all about the visuals

Visuals have become an important form of communication today. Instagram is a place to start socially communicating your passion through visuals. Although it may not look like it, as I am quite prolific with my photos, I select the pics that represent my passion or has a message. Those that follow me,  can indeed confirm this! Communicating visually is an important form of communication. Exercise that muscle to stay current.

2. Responsive  community
What a great community!  The Instagram community (IGers) is really responsive. Once you start sharing, others who are interested in your pics/content respond – quite quickly. This has definitely been my experience.

3. Ease of making new friends or IGers

Although I had been a member of Instagram for some time, I had not used it much. In fact I only had 12 photos on the site prior to Dec2013  One of my 2014 resolutions was to share more of my pics. Since January, I have shared over 800 photos  and the Instagram community (IGers) responded. I gained 500+ followers, 18,000+  likes within 5 months.

4. Encouraging

IGers are very open to giving feedback. It is so encouraging! As a result, you want to share more! In addition to the likes, the comments have been wonderful. Needless to say, it is one of the reasons why I have shared so much.

5. Ease of responding

With the large selection of mobile emotion apps available, it makes it really easy to respond to other IGers. It makes it fun too.

6. Ease of updating

Uploading your pics is really easy from your smart phone and Instagram has s photo editing feature built-in that you can easily access.

7. Truly mobile

I would venture to say that the mobile Instagram platform has more capabilities than the browser. Making it a truly mobile application. It is definitely a Mobile First application.

8. Ease of sharing

Instagram also makes available social network sharing links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Flickr. You can share to these platforms at the same time you share to your Instagram audience.

9. Ease of exploring

There is an explore /search feature which you can tap into and see what other IGers are sharing. You can follow who you like and therefore increase your own network.

10. Really good social platform

It is truly a real-time social platform where like-minded individuals can easily find each other  and engage with little effort.

 These are my 10 reasons for loving Instagram!

So Instagram your passion…

Thank you for reading my scripts! Let me know what you think and feel free to share it with others!


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