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18 Social Networks For PetLovers, Owners & Pets

social networks for petlovers

Social Networks For Petlovers

As part of my niche social network series, today I am going to cast a light on social networks for pets! Yes, that’s right, social media networks for Pets-Lovers, Owners and their pets. With over 170 million dog and cat owners in North America alone, there is clearly a strong social community centered around pets.

Pet-owners naturally conjugate- whether it is because of their daily walks, or for pet-shows, or for just comparing notes- this community is very passionate about their pets! So taking these conversations to a social network seems a natural next step. Many pet social networks not only provide forums, resources, and expert help, but they also provide owners with the ability to showcase their pets by developing pet profiles, creating groups, exchanging photos and videos. Furthermore, many of these networks have introduced gaming to increase the interaction, fun and benefits for their membership.

Pet social networks are also an excellent niche to join if you are not only a Pet-owner but if your hobby or profession is pet related. With all that in mind, here is a list of 18 Pet-Lovers social network sites for your consideration (also see updated List.ly list at the end of the post June 17 2012).

1. Catster.com18 social networks for petlovers, owners and pets

It seems fitting that I start of this list of social networks for petlovers with a social network for cats! May I introduce you to Catster. This network has  photo sharing, pet adoption services, a number of resources, behavioral training, information on pet healthcare and food. It is a social community about pets to exchange ideas.  You can create a profile page for your cat, join and/or create a group.

2. Cuteness

A social community and shopping forum for Pet-Lovers. In addition to cats and dogs, this social network also welcomes fish, birds, reptiles and other pets. Like other social networks for petlovers, you can prepare a pet profile on the site. You can  also play games (such as Battlezone and Cuteness duel) where you can vote and join in the cuteness wars with your pets. If you do not feel like battling, you can hang out in the dog park and meet other pets and their owners.

3. Dogster.com

This is the social network for dogs. The Catster.com counter part for dogs, developed and maintained by the same owners with the same offerings as Catster.com above.

4. Fuzzster

Still in BETA, Fuzzster is open to a varied number of pets and their owners. Again you can develop profiles and meet all kinds of furry pets as well as birds and reptiles with their owners.

5. LoveMyPets

This is a large social network for for petlovers. Pet-owners can share stories, blogs, create albums of their favorite pets and upload videos. Furthermore, members have the ability to shop and sell within the community. Finally this network  has a rescue database which the owners claim to be the largest on the web.

6. MyLooneyPets

MyLooneyPets is a social networking and pet information site for owners. It caters to a wide number of pets that include dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, horses, rabbits and more. Like other sites, members can create a pet profile, share photos, videos, exchange information with other Pet-Lovers. Members also receive newsletters with tips and coupons for pet related items.

7. Pawsway

A social network for pets similar to Facebook for people. Again, Pet-owners can set up profiles for their pets, find friends, enter discussions,share photos, ask an expert questions. This sites also provides useful resources. In addition to the above, there is a community corner and a Pet Hall of Fame to recognize the bravery of outstanding performance of pets.

8. Peoplenpets

A small social network for pets and people. The community is open to all breeds and species. Members can create their own page, share photos, videos and blogs.

9. Petbrags

A social pet community for Pet-Lovers and their pets.  Similar to other communities, members can get tips, share photos, videos, join forums, share their blogs, attend chats and events. This site also provides emergency 911 tips for members’ pets.

10 Petizens

This is a social network for Pet-Lovers where members can make a unique webpage for their pet. Pages are easily developed with a “drag and drop” capability  for photos, videos , stickers and their blog(s). This community has over 40,000 members.

11. Petpop

A pet social network where members can create a customized profile for their pet, make new pet friends and arrange play date! Members can also share photos, videos, stories, get professional health advice from pet experts and find local pet businesses, parks and sitters.

12. Petsintouch

A pet social network for all breeds and species. Many sharing capabilities including a choice of PetTubes and/or YouTubes for members’ videos. The site has  a very diverse  membership with access to pet businesses, products, and resources.

13. Petstreet (UK)

A UK a social networking site catering to a global membership who is passionate about all different animals.  Petstreet was setup by the Zoologist and Documentary Film-maker, Maurice, Melzak. Members can create and manage free web pages, upload photos and videos. The street has a PetStreet Vet  that provides advice and services to the Petstreet membership.

14. PetZume

This is an online community for Pet-Lovers.  Again, members can set up profiles, review local events and watch videos. The site also lists a number of  shelters and adoption centers.

15. UnitedCats

This social network is dedicated to cats. As with other networks, members can create profiles,  join discussion and community forums. Enjoy the “Cat of the week” . There are also clubs and shops for virtual gifts giving.

16. UnitedDogs

This network has the same offering as UnitiedCats described above, but it is dedicated to dogs.

17. Yeepet

This is a Pet-Lovers  social community for Pet-owners and their pets. The site has a wide offering  that includes sharing of photos, articles, blog, events, coupons,  advice and tips. Services include rescues, shelter and adoption.  There is a web store that sells anything from furniture to eats to  pet classifieds. Members also have an opportunity to share links that  may be of interest to the site. Members can  earn points on the site  by engaging with other members and/or creating content. Points can be redeemed for pet products in the site’s gift center or used to purchase in the Yeepet’s webstore.

18. YouPet

A pet social community where you can create a pet profile; get breed information, play games, and meet other pets and their owners. The site also provides adoption services.

That’s it! Let me know how you do. If you know of others and/ or a site you use that is not mentioned here, let me know!




46 Responses to “18 Social Networks For PetLovers, Owners & Pets”

    • shirley williams Reply March 26, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      Thank you Lisa!! Really appreciate the feedback

    • The Global Network for Pet Owners, photo sharing in real time, free advertisement for professional pet related services and more.

      Comes with an awesome Mobiel App, which is the lightest of all of its kind (664k) because it is built from scratch, no frameworks of any kind and with proprietary photo sharing technology, (picture auto rotation that Instagram does not have, for example). Works even on EDGE.

      the Website is built from scratch as well, no frameworks or heavy hosting company hookups.

  1. shirley williams Reply March 26, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Thank you

  2. Nice! This website is really awesome. Thanks bro

  3. Thanks this was really helpful, just one thing, I didnt see Doggyspace.com on here which is one of the larget online pet comunities

  4. love this sight. thanks

  5. Dear Shirley,

    Your work is amazing!

    FYI- We found a new site called PetBlaster™

    They are signing exclusive contracts with some of the “Famous Social Media Pets ,such as “Boo, the cutest dog in the world”, for pet products & promo deals.


  7. Hello Shirley,

    We have started a new social network for pet lovers where they can create profiles for their pets and link them to their Facebook profiles. Check it out! We are also on FB, Fuzzelove.


  8. Hi, you missed the best site DOGPAWFILE, how could you?…LOL

    • I am only human 🙂 Have a good day and thank you for visiting.
      Feel free to add your site to my list.

  9. What about AnimalNetwork clubs? I have pets on DogChannel.com and CatChannel.com. They have other pet channels too that are all connected.

  10. World’s friendliest free Pet Community for pet lovers and their pets. Family entertainment, tips, photos, videos forums, blogs,

  11. Also this one, the first in Europe : Yummypets http://www.yummypets.com

    Nice article, well done.

  12. Hi Shirley,

    You can add VAV VAV (www.vavvav.com), a new dog social network that connects dog lovers all around the world.

  13. What a great social media networks for Pets-Lovers.

  14. Hi Shirley

    You forgot Pet Around . It’s a good one. It puts you in contact will other pet lovers in your area for free pet sitting.

    Have a look.



    • Shirely,

      Please be on the lookout for another pet social hitting the web ways in March. PETCLIQUE.COM is the latest pet social for pet lovers and friends. This network has it all! Including monthly pet contest, community topics with the administrator, online training courses and more.

  15. Pet Dwelling is another one! This relatively new online community for pets also uses QR codes to help keep pets connected and protected.

  16. Thanks for share with me 18 social network. your collection are awesome, peoples can get benefit from here,to know more about funny monets to makes your self entertainment have a suggestion for you from where Funny Pet LOLyou can get your need all about fun and enjoy.

  17. Very informative and interesting post.It is really a big help. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  18. Great list of sites, sharing with everybody on our Facebook page http://facebook.com/petsyoulike

  19. Hey shirley williams, great list. We just launched a new one called Snifme.

    Snifme is a social networking site for dogs and dog owners. Owners must interact as if they were their dog. Snifme lets dog owners find other dogs in their neighbourhood to meet and setup playdates with. Owners can also keep track of their dogs lives through photos and updates. Owners can also send messages to other owners. Snifme!

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/snifme
    Website: http://www.snifme.com

    Thanks for any feedback

  20. Hi Shirley,

    Great post! Thought you would be interested in http://www.thepiggyhub.com

    It’s a social network for Guinea Pig owners and has stacks of resources and piggie profiles! 🙂


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