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2014 Instragram Review : A Year of 58,000+ Likes


It is time to take inventory and today it is the 2014 Instagram review.

This morning I received the following message on my Instagram account:

“One of my favourites, ever. Thank you for sharing”.

I was totally delighted by this response. I have been doing relatively well on my account but for some reason this particular feedback totally lifted my spirits. “Favourites EVER”!! Yes!

So what does doing well mean?

Although I had opened my account in 2011, I did not start really using it until last year. Driven by being away from home and recognizing I needed to make better use of this photo-sharing platform, it became one of my primary focus as it relates to social networks in 2014.

So, like many of us right now, I am taking inventory as we begin 2015.


Here is my 2014 Instagram review:

2013 2014
Monthly Average Likes per photo 3 100
Total Followers 10 1000+
Total Likes 20 58,000+
Total Comments 0 3,500+
Total Features 0 13


Not too shabby. However, it was the feedback this morning that validated I was going in the right direction. It is called old fashion “customer delight” and “creating ambassadors for your brand”. These are two goals we should always thrive for.

So what did I do? As I conducted my 2014 Instagram review, I recognized there are 4 key learning tips from 2014 that I would like to share.


Passion shines through the content you create and provides the drive or energy to consistently create. Personally, I love photography but had not really shared my portfolio.  As a result, together with the 2014 pledge, the timing for using Instagram was right for me.

Good content

Whatever you put out there, please make it good.

It doesn’t matter that it is a selfie or a rock, make it a quality selfie or a quality rock. It is content and it is in cyberspace. Did I say that it is a reflection of who you are? Well, I cannot not say it enough.  Don’t just put anything out there. When you put good content out there, you will get the response you would gladly welcome. The Instagram community is a highly engaged community and hence it is very responsive to good creations. You are probably wondering if I edit. I do edit however surprisingly my first go-to editing tool is the “cropping tool”. A simple crop can convert a relatively boring pic into a really interesting subject.

Exploring others

Do not stay in your account. Take the time to explore others and engage with them.  I have found that the more I engaged, the more people were inclined to engage with me. I explore for a number of reasons, they include 1) inspiration 2) enjoyment and 3) benchmarking. Any photo that I appreciate, I do not hesitate to hit the like button and I may go further to see/like more of the author’s content. This simple action does wonders to visibility. Try it.

Recognizing others

Your image may be beautiful but “you” add the personality. I have found that by engaging, my account has become a “person” to my followers. It has increased the curiosity of my followers driving them to click my link to learn more. I love emotions buttons for this and use it widely in the Instagram community.

That’s it! This year I intend to further increase my presence and interaction on the site. Needless to say, I will be blogging about it! In the interim join me on instagram at @shirleywms

Now it is your turn.

What has been your experience on Instagram or other photo-sharing site?

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2 Responses to “2014 Instragram Review : A Year of 58,000+ Likes”

  1. Shirley Williams continues to inspire and inform by using her talents, passion and purpose to learn; but also with her constant assistance to others. CONGRATULATIONS Shirley on all that you are achieving and THANK YOU for all that you do for others! May 2015 be your BEST YEAR EVER!

    • Henry, I am always humbled by your kind support. You have been a long time supporter of my work and that in itself has been so rewarding. Thank you. I hope your 2015 is equally prosperous in health and successes!

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