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Your gestures

Are your gestures conveying the right message?

Your gestures can sometimes say more than your words. When I first immigrated to Canada back in the 80s, I was totally perplexed why people got so upset with the gesture of “the finger” when they fondly waved around “ two fingers” in some sort of victory dance. You see at that time, pointing two […]

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Global Business Introductions

6 Tips for Making Global Business Introductions

So what do I mean by global business introductions? You are traveling to a country on the other-side of the world for the first time. You land and someone is looking at you with what seems like a partial recognition. What do you do? Wave, nod, quietly move their way and then shake hands? Or […]

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5 Tips To Build Perfect Tweets. The Sequel

With only 140 characters to play with, are you using your Twitter real estate effectively to send perfect tweets? Driving engagement and conversations are key objectives for many on Twitter and yet I wonder how much thought has been given into building that small, but mighty, tweet. Secondly, all the social network giants, including Twitter, are rolling […]

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Fail Instagram

10 Easy Ways To Fail Instagram

Fail Instagram in 10 easy ways? That’s right. If you have a public account but don’t want engagement and want  a pretty quiet account then just follow all 10 easy tips. By following these tips, I am confident that you will succeed in wonderful Instagram failure. Here they are: 1. Don’t post any photos. Number one […]

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