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blogging topics

A to Z Blogging Topics To Stimulate Your Writing

Blogging topics : “What should I blog about?” I get asked this question a lot! As a result, I thought I’d write a post on that very topic! Before I share my list, I do want to advise the following:   Who are you writing for and/or who are you trying to target?  Now that […]

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Content Development and marketing

If you put it on the internet, it is content

What is content? I have had many conversations where content has been the focus of discussion. Content is often discussed as a project. These conversations usually take on the format of creating a masterpiece, which once complete is carefully distributed for all the world to see. While I agree that there needs to be structure around content development for both […]

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2014 instagram review

2014 Instragram Review : A Year of 58,000+ Likes

  It is time to take inventory and today it is the 2014 Instagram review. This morning I received the following message on my Instagram account: “One of my favourites, ever. Thank you for sharing”. I was totally delighted by this response. I have been doing relatively well on my account but for some reason […]

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Your gestures

Are your gestures conveying the right message?

Your gestures can sometimes say more than your words. When I first immigrated to Canada back in the 80s, I was totally perplexed why people got so upset with the gesture of “the finger” when they fondly waved around “ two fingers” in some sort of victory dance. You see at that time, pointing two […]

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