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Breaking Down The Complexity of Social Media: A to Z Series

There is so much information out there on social media! It is mind-blowing. With so much buzz, so many sites, with so many acronyms,  the whole topic seems complex. Where do you start? So in the coming weeks, I intend to take you on a journey. I am going to simplify.  That’s right, breaking it down.  I am calling  this journey the social media alphabet.  I will be providing information for those who are thinking about entering the social media arena but not quite sure where to start. I also would like to think there will be some valuable social media pearls for  the social media veterans who have decided to join us.  So by way of introduction let me answer a couple of questions.

So, what is social media?

Social media is simply just media you create, where you gather and socialize. That’s it. It is:

  • Where you share interesting stuff;
  • Where you share what’s happening in your life;
  • Where you get the best deals, eats, treats, laughs, entertainment;
  • Where you may share your concerns;
  • Where you share your best finds;
  • Where you make new friends near and far;
  • Where you share your differences;
  • Where you can find people of similar interests no matter how unique that interest might be.

Social media is where you publish and determine what’s in the media. Therefore you are deciding the program for the day. And it happens at a meeting place of your choosing! What’s not to love!

So what should you expect in this series?

I am going to run through the alphabet to summarize social media in simple terms which you can use as a basic reference.

My upcoming posts will touch on:

AudienceBlogsCommentsDiscountsEngagementFacebook; GoogleHashtagInfluencersJargon;

Klout; LinkedinMeasure  & MonitorNetworks; Optimize; Plugins; Questions; Reputation; 

Social; Twitter; User-Profile; Viral Marketing; World Wide WebX marks the spot; YouTube; and  ZZzzzz

If you are lost and think you are meandering aimlessly through the social media maze join us!

Now, is there anything missing?  Tell your friends and colleagues. Feel free to share this post and join me on this ride.

Photo courtesy of FlickrCarbonNYC; Cartoon used with permission of Cartoonist.

9 Responses to “Breaking Down The Complexity of Social Media: A to Z Series”

  1. quite an informative article…thanks…

    • Manish, thank you for your feedback. I am glad you found value in the post. Do come back for the first in the series. A is for Audience 🙂

  2. What a great concept – cleverly and neatly tied in! I am looking forward to reading all, but am very kean to see your thoughts on Measure & Monitor and what formula of soft and hard ROI plays in to measure.

  3. Keli, thank you for this feedback. Measure and Monitor is a hot topic these days. Especially as it relates to ROI. So definitely, lets continue that dialogue when we arrive at M is for Measure and Monitor.

    • Ian,
      Lovely to see you here! I am a huge supporter of storytelling. In my B for Blogs blogpost- I actually share that this is where you tell ” your story” and although many describe the activity as blogging which in the purest sense it is- I do believe when you post your are storytelling. So we are of like minds as I think we are saying that this is a very important part of these communities.
      Stay tuned for my “S for Social” post. Thank you for the feedback!


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