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Generation J are the C-level leaders in Organizations Today

  If you are pitching  to the C-suite leaders, the chances are you are selling to Generation Jones [Generation J] leaders. That’s right Generation J!  Generation J are the C-level leaders in organizations today. What is so interesting about this little but critical fact, is that so few people know that there is a Generation […]

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COMsumer Consumer Habit 8

Today’s 8 Consumer Habits Of the COMsumer [INFOGRAPH]

Earlier this year I introduced Today’s 8 Consumer Habits of the COMsumer.This is an update to that post with some interesting internet and consumer statistics in the form of an infograph.  As a reminder: Today’s consumers no longer just consume. Today’s consumer has totally changed. They are savvy and they have a voice. They are COMsumers! The name replaces […]

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increase your social media profile and traffic

10 Tips To Increase Your Social Media Profile And Traffic with SlideShare

SlideShare can increase your social media profile and traffic and this is how.  SlideShare has 60+ million monthly visitors and 130 million pageviews and is amongst the most visited 200 websites. As a result, SlideShare is not a stranger to social media practitioners however it is sometimes overlooked as a content development platform Like this:Like Loading…

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8 Habits Of Today’s Consumer, The COMsumer

Todays consumer habits suggest they no longer just consumes. In fact we should no longer call them consumers. Here’s why. Like this:Like Loading…

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