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Stop The Royalty Debate on Content In Social Media.12 Tips On How To Make It Good.

Lets talk about the content in social media. There are so many debates on whether content is king; Or it is distribution? Or is it context? Why are we investing so much energy deciding the royalty status? Really? What is a given, is that content  needs to be good and without it your may as […]

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#SocialMediaPearls Episode 6: The Content in Social Media

After the the social media strategy has been debated, discussed and finalized, what’s next? Well, one important tactic or plan is your content. What information will you share with your network? How will this information support your strategy, goals and quite frankly how will it take you to where you want to be?

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What Social Media Subscribers Think: 10 Reminders

Episode 1 of the Social Media Pearls Internet radio show discussed, “What is social media?” from a Subscriber’s perspective (link to show). I certainly had a few  “Ah ha” moments.  In the video-clip below, I share an overview of the show.  

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