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Rise Of The Patient. Be Inspired and Join Me

Rise of the patient talk radio was launched October 2012. Since the launch of the show, I have been so inspired by my guests and the feedback from my listeners. This is a small tribute to both the show, guests  and listeners.  

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Rise Of The Patient Tribute: Kevin Leonard on Patient Involvement & Destiny

Rise Of The Patient. Tribute to Kevin Leonard A Life of Redefining Patient Involvement & Patient Destiny Last year I reached out to patient communities and leaders to share their stories and experience with the health care system on my talk radio show, Rise of The Patient.  I had produced the show with the hope […]

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Pharma Industry leaders, Health Care and Patient Centricity. What Is The Formula For Engagement?

Pharmaceutical Industry Leaders, Health care and Patient Centricity Can industry leaders  go beyond their product, to provide value as a patient-centered organization? Can they add value to the evolving health care system and patient movement ? if the answer is yes to the above questions, what would that look like?

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8 Habits of todays consumer, the Comsumer

Today’s Health Care Consumers have COMsumer Habits

  I believe health care consumers do far more than just consume. In a recent post I introduced the term COMsumers and their COM habits. In this post I am going to demonstrate how health care consumers exhibits all 8 COMsumer habits: 

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