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Social Media Pearls From My Business leaders

20 Social Media Pearls Of Wisdom From Business Leaders On Social Media

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview successful business leaders across the sectors on social media on my radio talk show. I asked all of my guests to end the interview with sharing their social media pearl ie their key message. I have summarized those pearls. Like this:Like Loading…

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6 Critical Tips For Telling Your Story

I am back from a week of inspiring speakers, great content, meeting wonderful people and people telling their storyy. I was at the Content Marketing World conference in Ohio. One of my favorite bloggers and speaker, Marcus Sheridan (TheSalesLion) shared his story. Although, I had heard his story before, it has never lost its message […]

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20 Tips For Business Social Media Conversations & 10 Reasons Why

Why you need social media conversations  With so many of us chatting on the social web, I wonder how many think about whether this chatter is helping people getting them to where they want to go from a business perspective. Clearly many use the social tools to “just have a conversation” i.e. more recreational in […]

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Why You Should Complement Your Social Media Efforts With Internet Radio

Social media + Internet radio. This is why “I want this; I want that; I want this, this and this. And I want it now!” Does that remind you of a time and a year? Those terrible twos? Actually, it may sound like a toddler that is 2-years old but it is not. It is […]

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