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Stop The Royalty Debate on Content In Social Media.12 Tips On How To Make It Good.

create unique contentLets talk about the content in social media. There are so many debates on whether content is king; Or it is distribution? Or is it context? Why are we investing so much energy deciding the royalty status? Really? What is a given, is that content  needs to be good and without it your may as well pack up shop. So lets go beyond the royalty status in this blog and discuss what content drives business value in this social environment we are living in today.

Good content is about knowing your audience and anticipating their needs. I have said this countless times however I still see misalignment. You do not have to be a fortune-teller to anticipate your audience needs. If you listen carefully, the indicators will be evident. Unique content is also highly valued. In this post I would like to touch on unique content creation and unique content curation. Yes, that is right ~  unique content curation. 

Unique Content Creation

Fresh unique content that is targeted and created with a specific audience in mind can really put you on the right path with your potential customers/audience. Here’s how:

  1. Offering an industry tip and answering key questions can differentiate your offering.
  2. Building your site as a depot for key information and resources is one method of establishing your expertise and increase your visibility in your business area. This also saves you time by not having to repeat answers to frequently asked questions.
  3.  Making your key customer questions, the title for your content. This is a classic tip shared by Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion who has been very successful with this approach. The longer the phrase, the less competition for that phrase in Google searches. So remember that.
  4. Teaching your content and not selling your content. Develop a mind set of teachers and tell your story.
  5. Developing trust, relationships and business leads. As a business, it is important to develop those relationships however do not loose sight that you also need to develop business leads. It is a delicate balance.
  6. If you are a sole proprietor then you must find the time to develop the content. If you are leading an organization get your employees involved in developing the content.

Unique Content Curation

Content curation continues to be a hot topic. Furthermore there seems to be a huge divide on whether curation adds business value. What is my perspective? Absolutely, it adds value! Curation can be a value added asset to your business. I have a post on aggregration and curation tools which you can reference. I also have a post on  that demonstrates how you can use the tool in your curation effort. In this post I would like to focus on how unique content curation can add value. Here is how:

  1. Search, select and filter quality articles or posts that relates to your target audience
  2. Write a 100-200 review of each of your selected posts to provide more context for your audience. Karen Dietz, Just Story It, shares this tip in my interview on internet radio. She refers to this practice as micro-blogging. I believe this is the added value and the “uniqueness” you can add to the content that will further resonate with your audience(s).
  3. Use the selected article to teach your audience about the topic and advise how they could interpret the article.
  4. Use your curation effort to share best practices, drive innovation and track your competitors.
  5. Align to your business goals.
  6. Maintain visibility and thought leadership.

In summary the general themes of these two content approaches are: 


  1. Good quality content
  2. A teaching mindset
  3. Discipline to follow through in creating content whether you develop original content or curate the content.
  4. Developing relationships
  5. Alignment to generate business leads

Do listen to my interview with Marcus Sheridan and Karen Dietz on the content on social media. Great tips are shared during the show which you can access above.


Now, what are your thoughts?

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  1. I think the advice about ‘teaching’ your content is great. It gets you out of the mode of selling that drives away many visitors to a business site. One of the most time consuming aspects of curation is your step 1 above. You might check out MyCurator, a WordPress plugin, that allows you to train a software learning tool to find the content you are looking for. It can save hours a day in the initial process of finding and filtering content. A bit of a shameless plug, but it is free for individuals, bloggers and non-profits at


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