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Culture of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Social Sites

Some time ago, I asked my network:

“How would you describe the culture of the big three social networks?”

I was both amused and intrigued by the responses. I thought I would share them today in this post. Here are the highlights with some editorial license on my part of course.


  • Family and Friends.
  • The culture helps to connect people who know each other at a deeper level than the other major networks.
  • Sharing with people you know or who have connected else where and now want to get to know you better.
  • Sharing life’s musings and casual pastimes.
  • When used for business, it is a business-to-consumer contact: still on a casual connection targeted to building a more casual relationship.
  • A casual playground that includes students, parents, neighbours, loved-ones, old school friends, people coming out to play, professionals and grandparents.
  • If there was a dress code, it would be very casual, T-shirts and jeans.
  •  If beverage was served, it would be beer and/or cola.


  • Business, Corporate.
  • A very serious culture and social site.
  • People come to network with other business professionals: it is a business-to-business networking space- with some promoting. Professionals are seeking business leads or next career move.
  • Q&As and Groups are used to gather feedback on a business challenge . On the other-side of that, it is an opportunity to share your business know-how.
  • Sharing is predominantly business content.
  • Connecting with other members needs to be relevant; members are not as open to linking to people they don’t know or who are not relevant to their field of work.
  • If there was a dress code, it would be business suit attire.
  • If beverage was served,  it would be bottled water.


  • Public Relations and Broadcasting cultural site.
  • A mixed social with a totally diverse group from celebrities, to youths, entrepreneurs, event planners, wholesalers, network marketers, meeting (Chat) moderators, meeting (Chat) attendees and bot-messagers.
  • With that diversity, there is a lot of chatter. Shares are in “text bites.” Twitter is an ongoing conversation over a period of time.
  • Shares include funnies, quotes, links, news, meeting invites, meeting notes; chats,  livestreams of various events . Lots of energy in this culture.
  • Connections or Followers are made with ease.
  • Some describe the Twitter environment as a cocktail party. “You may or may not know the people you are with. You get to know each other in bite-sized amounts.”
  • If there was a dress code, it would be from T-shirt and Jeans, to business casual, to a night on the town! There is almost a hum of a big city feel. It can be noisy at times!
  • If beverage was served,  it would be cocktails, wine and beer (with hot dogs) and sometimes just a water cooler!


Google Plus

I thought I would touch on Google Plus. The feedback for Google Plus was and continues to be somewhat “dismissive”. The four most dominant generalizations shared were :
1. “A passing fad that barely deserves mentioning.”
2. “The latest on the block and building its audience.”
3. “White males that know someone who works at Google.”
4. “Too late to enter the social network. Doesn’t have a change to against Facebook.”

I am an early adopter of Google Plus. Clearly not white and not male. I personally would summarize the environment as one of exploration and the members “pioneers” finding their way. My next post will focus on Google Plus and how I believe it fits in the social media arena.

So there you have it! If you are thinking of how to blend in, or the tone of your messaging in these environment, I hope this helps in a fun way. Like all cultures, they evolve with time. This is a snapshot of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter today. Who  knows what it will be like 2-3 years from now 🙂

What say you? Can you add to the list?


10 Responses to “Culture of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Social Sites”

  1. Have a Super Duper Tuesday!

  2. Shirley: Nice job in capturing the essence of each service. I’m interested in reading your take on Google+. So far, it has failed to resonate with me. I share blog posts and occasionally read my stream but, overall, spend very little time on it.


    • shirley williams Reply April 23, 2012 at 9:20 am

      Hi Mark!
      Thank you for the visit and sharing your feedback.
      I have just written a post on Google+ It is my current post. I was one of the early adopters and have recently made a focused effort to develop my presence there – so far it has been good and I have met new contacts as a result. It does take time but I believe it is worth the effort. Let me know what you think of my Google+ post.

  3. Shirley,
    I have this type of discussion almost every day with someone because it seems like those that aren’t within the industry think all social media is the same. This is a great brief description of the big three social media sites and very spot on. Facebook is typically more personal, LinkedIn is all-business and Twitter is PR based.

    One tid-bit of advice I’d give people that are using all three is to change up the messages you post to the sites for your company. We’ve identified that each site has a different use for different reasons, so don’t just shoot out the same message to each site. Change the language you use to promote your marketing message depending on the use of the site and the audience that will see it. All too often businesses are just shooting out the exact same message to all of the social media sites which is very ineffective.

    Great topic as always! 🙂


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