HR Webcast: The Characteristics, Measures and Value of a Social Media Influencer

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The slide deck has been posted on slide-share  which is linked to the image above.

Below are a list of references and resources for additional information on the topic.


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The following two references are the blog posts that this presentation was based on:

  1. K is for Klout
  2. I is for Influencer

The following  references are good sources on the topic of social media influence and were referenced.

  1. 10 Tools for Measuring Your Social Media Influence (Pam Dyer)
  2. Is Klout A Good Judge Of Your Social Media Influence? (Elijah Young, SocialMediaExaminer)
  3. How To Identify Social Media Influencers? (
  4. Sing Now The Praises of Klout’s Klumsy Kludges (
  5. Brands underestimate the influence of social media “comments” (Fourthsource)
  6. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez Responds to Critics (Socialmediatoday)
  7. How The World Uses Social Networks (Mashable, Infographic)
  8. How To Get Noticed By Social Media Influencers (successful blogging)
  9. For Klout, downsides to being the belle of the influence ball (Mark Evans, Globe and Mail)
  10. HR Goes Social (Impact 99)
  11. Mari Smith (key influencer : used as a role model  in this webinar)
  12. Chris Brogan (key influencer: used as a role mode in this webinar)
  13. Who Are the Top 10 Influencers in Social Media? (Forbes)
Thank you for joining the webcast. If you have any additional questions, comments, please feel free to share them below. 
Thank you!!

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  1. I attended the webinar that Shirley hosted and I found it informative, credible and useable. Thank-you for sharing your pearls of wisdom!

    • Anita!
      Thank you for not only joining my webinar but also stopping by on my blog. It is really good to know that you found a few social pearls!

  2. Hi Shirley Williams,

    Really nice blog. your post HR Webcast: The Characteristics, Measures and Value of a … is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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