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Internet Radio Episode 1: What Is Social Media From A Subscriber’s Perspective?

The Social Media Pearls Show will launch its first episode this Thursday!

May 17th 2012.

This first show will be with four of My Subscribers!

That’s right – My Subscribers.

Isn’t that fitting? After all, where would I be without My Subscribers?

The topic of this episode is all around “What really is social media, from a subscriber’s perspective?” Certainly, a view-point can be shared from an “expert’s opinion”. Recently a respected connection, debated that there is no such person as a social media expert because it changes so quickly. Point well taken. However what are the opinions of the visitors to those sites? At the end of the day, isn’t that key?  This episode will bring this topic down to earth and will surface learnings for practitioners, listeners and subscribers. We will get a subscriber’s perspective of a definition of social media and what works for them. We will discuss what content works; What they find valuable; Why and when do they engage and comment. Whether you are a Social Media Professional or a Passing Visitor, these conversations will generate valuable insights for all.

From left to right, my guests for this episode and debut are:


Daniele Thibodeau Ph.D PMP Principal Consultant, Business Excellence.

Henry Ford, Author, Speaker and Consultant.

Marilyn Hydner, Executive Producer Voice America.

Tanya Kracovic, Business Consultant, Change Strategy & Transformation (photo not available).


Checkout their bios on the guest bio page. You will also see my guests for future shows. All are leaders in their field who will share how they have used social media to leverage their expertise from Banking to Children’s labels! I am thrilled to be in their company.

I am so excited to not only to launch this particular episode but to have this conversation with My Subscribers! Moving my subscriber from comments on a blog to a live debate is an amazing feeling!

So join me on May 17th on Voice America- the business channel, at 5pm PST, 8PM EST to discuss: “What is Social Media? From a Subscribers Perspecitve”. Here is the link for Voice America

….And don’t forget to tweet your questions and feedback using the hashtag  #socialmediapearls



Listen to audio below  for the show overview (just click “Play”)

[mp3t track=”Social-Media-Pearls-Show.mp3″]


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