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Is Your Business Ready To Be Social And Become An Earned Wicked Wiki-Brand?

That’s right I just “urbanized” both David Bradfield and Sean Moffitt’s wonderful definition of social brands: Earned Wicked Wiki-brands.

Business owners and leaders thinking about making a splash in the social arena – don’t.

Winning in the social arena is not about hype or making a splash. It is about a two-way communication, collaboration and a serious commitment. If you do decide to make this commitment, as a leader you also have to think of this as building a new capability. This is not about opening an account. This is about transforming your organization from a current “traditional” state (there may be variants of this state but current it is) to a future social state. Now, although I don’t know everything about transformational initiatives, I know a lot having made a living from it for the past 15+ years. So with any transformational effort, the following factors are critical for success:

  • Executive leadership (Sponsorship), 
  • Vision and 
  • Clear objectives

What is different here? Well, the mindset is different and it needs to be collaborative. So do a tonne of listening to your key stakeholders: your customers and your employees.
During the interview of Jumping into social media, this question was asked of my guests. Their feedback was very similar; namely it is important to:

  • Have goals;
  • Listen and
  • Have the right mindset to manage a social environment.

My recommendation would be to consolidate these key critical success factors (which quite frankly have significant overlap) and start there. 

As with any transformation, it is always good to clearly articulate what the transition would look like. So to get you started, I would like to share a few components of what that transition would look like:


From Current

To Social





 Brand Ownership

Brand Interation

 Broadcast Messaging

Earned Messaging





 Socially Closed

Socially Friendly





 Empire Building

Relationship Building

 Self Promotion

 Word Of Mouth



 Customer Service

Customer Involvement

Learning Events

Continuous Learning


If you cannot transition to all of the above components, consider the ones you can. I say this because I often hear that regulated industries may be restricted in entering the environment of social media or being social.  Well, my career journey started in  research and development in protein engineering followed by 18 years in the pharmaceuticals. So I know a little about working in a regulated work environment. My feedback is that there are components that can be ventured to further develop relationships and increase collaboration in those sectors. Although there may be some communication restrictions, value can be gained from listening.  Hear me out. I think social networking can be implemented internally. Given most pharmaceutical companies are global in nature, I think it is even more important to increase the communication and collaboration which would add tremendous value to their business. I also believe a number of the above components can be implemented. So food for thought, I hope.  Regardless of your industry sector, leading by example will be imperative. So you will have to show a lot of heart to unlock the potential of your own organization. I think that potential will demonstrate all kinds of rewards.

During the interview with Sean and David, we also touched on measures. They made some great points- I urge you to listen to the episode Jumping into Social Media. Building on that, I would like to take those measures and goals to an extremely high level and end where I started (paying tribute to my guests ;)).

1. Work at being social ie you need to earned the reputation with your customers
2. Be wicked in everything you do! … translation – be awesome!
3. Strive to become that Wiki-Brand

Let me know what you think? We bloggers love dialogue and feedback LOL!
If not the dialogue and you choose to smile instead, perhaps you could share.

Thanks for popping by.


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