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Komla Dumor’s Personal Brand: 7 Leadership Characteristics


Komla Dumor’s Personal Brand~A Tribute.

It was with a heavy heart this morning that I heard the news of Komla Dumor’s passing. Komla was a  presenter for BBC World News and its Focus on Africa program. One of Ghana’s best-known journalists, he joined the BBC as a radio broadcaster in 2007. He was one of my Komla Dumor's personal brandfavourite journalists. As a result, I would like to take this opportunity to describe why.

I have come up with the 7 “S” characteristics that I believe describes Komla Dumor’s personal brand. Whether he would have thought of them as his personal brand, I will never know. However, this is what I saw and what led me to listen to him religiously. I also think these characteristics are attributes that many of our leaders should consider incorporating into their own personal brand. Here goes…

1. Smile

That smile just drew you in! How could you not want to hear more? Talk more? Komla Dumor’s smile and humour spelt that he was approachable.

2. Serious

Although that smile was part of Komla Dumor’s personal trademark, Komla Dumor would have been the first tell you, that he was serious about his work, that he was serious about what he stood for, serious about life which as a journalist meant bringing the best content to his audience.

 3. Style

Impeccable style. Inside and out, it was polished, smooth and purposeful. Without a doubt he did this well. He shared a number of times that his style was a reflection of his intent. It was a reflection of  how serious he was about what he did and what he represented.

4. Strength

Komla’s Dumor’s style naturally leads to this fourth “S” characteristic and that is one of strength. His strength was evident. It was obvious in his presence and his approach to life. I was intrigued to learn that his career path started in medicine. He failed. He picked himself up and re-mapped his life course which ultimately led him to journalism. Strength of mind. As a journalist he never shied away from difficult topics or questions. Tackling crisis or tragic situations is what he ultimately became known for.

5. Storyteller

Getting the world to revisit Africa and looking at it with fresh eyes was no easy feat.  Telling the story was essential. He broaden the views of many on what Africa had to offer and what it represented. He became the global ambassador of all things newsworthy as it related to this vast continent. It is no wonder that he was listed in the top 100 most influential personalities in Africa last year.

6. Sincerity

Key to his success was the sincerity that he conveyed. The credibility he built on all levels of society.

7. Spire

For the seventh characteristic, I decided  on “spire” to describe Komla Dumor’s personal brand. This on the surface may seem a little odd, so let me expand.  It is a word that means “ rise to the top” and unquestionably  Komla Dumor did just that. He also has inspired so many young, black budding journalists to follow in his footsteps. Spire also reflects an item that tapers at the pinnacle. To me this represents that he was taken away from us all too soon essentially as he was peaking. At the same time, I believe part of his legacy and his message is to be the best that you can be; reach for the pinnacle of your work and life while you have the breath and strength to do so.

For the short time I have come to know Komla Dumor, I have learned a lifetime of values that I will take with me as long as I can in my personal life journey.

Rest in peace, Komla.

3 Responses to “Komla Dumor’s Personal Brand: 7 Leadership Characteristics”

  1. Shirley,
    Informative and touching article. Sorry for the loss. I have been educated and inspired, both by his direct impact, and by the qualities that have flowed into and through you.

  2. Shirley, I feel like I “know” Mr. Komla Dumor after your 7 “S” characteristics of him. He lived an inspiring life. I can learn from his commitment to journalism, as I have shied away from the hard topics. This article confirmed it is my duty not to. Thanks and GOD bless.

  3. In the face of whatever that transpired, Ghana is generally a gifted nation.
    Which is a point that is tough to be contested.

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