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Manage Your #Twitter Relationships Using socialmedia


Manage your twitter community relationships using and generate leads

figure1: How are you managing your relationships?

Twitter is a wonderful platform to build communities, relationships and continue conversations but how do you manage your Twitter relationships and generate those so important leads? When you reach a sizeable number of followers and tweets, one of the biggest challenges when using Twitter is “How do you keep on top of your community and communications?”

One of my favorite tools that help you do just that, is You too can manage your Twitter relationships using is a relationship management platform that helps you manage those important relationships in your Twitter community and helps you generate potential leads for your business. helps you keep track of your key interactions in the Twitter community so that you can continue to build those valuable relationships that are key to your brand. has a free membership option and it is easy to get started in 3 easy steps. They are as follows:


Signing up for to manage your twitter relationships

figure 2: Manage your twitter relationships using There are three easy steps to open a account. 1. Add you contact information and twitter account; 2 Add you website and associated links and hashtags and 3. Provide key words that you want to track.

1. Complete the sign-up form

• You can get a free account by completing the form and connecting your twitter account, as shown above in figure 1.

2. Complete the monitor engagement form

• Fill out the engagement form by adding your website and any key words associated with you and/or your business. This will be important to track who is talking about you and your business [see monitor engagement below].

3. Complete Discover New Leads form

• After completing the engagement form, will request completing the Discover New Leads form as a search criteria. will suggest a few depending on the hashtags you currently tweet. By adding these key words, it provides valuable search criteria for, that will in turn will provide you with a report on key potential leads.

That’s it! Now you are set up to manage your Twitter relationships using!  When you enter your account, you are presented with your own customized, priortized dashboard of your tweets and community. It is like your own Twitter consultant to help you manage your relationships.

Let’s walk through my dashboard for additional insights on how you can manage your twitter relationships using

The dashboard is based on a prioritized feed that is an outcome of analyzing your tweets and sharing that output into the following sections on the dashboard: 1. Relationships, 2. Followers, 3. Groups. 4. Engagements, and 5. Discover New Leads. It highlights members that you should note accordingly.

1. Relationships

The suggested relationship section is quite powerful. The list is a dynamic, real-time list.  It is a “suggested” list of members you should pay close attention to in your community. The list is based on how you have interacted and engaged with members on Twitter. It analyzes your feed and depending on your interactions, it prioritizes your members and their tweets into the following categories:

  • Influencers: These are your high-valued members as recommended by It is based on their followers/following ratio and your engagement history with the listed members.
  • Supporters: These are followers that share and retweet your content.
  • Engaged members: These are followers you have regular conversations with.

As shown in the dashboard below [figure 3], this section of your dashboard gives you visibility to your key interactions at a glance. You can click on a category to see the members listed. In figure 3, highlighted by the red arrow,  I have clicked on “influencers” to show my listing.  To drill down further, you can click on a members name and it will show the whole engagement history [this is shown in figure 4]. is like your own personalized engagement advisor. With regular review, it provides an opportunity for you to ensure that you engage and reply to important tweets you may have missed!

Prioritized Dashboard ~ social media pearls

figure 3. The prioritized dashboard segments your community and potential leads into 1. Relationships 2. Followers 3. Groups. 4. Monitor Engagement and 5. Discover New Leads. The above screenshot shows members in the influencer category

Prioritized Dashboard with Drill Down

figure 4. By clicking on a member in the dashboard, a third column is revealed with a “drill down” on the engagement history with that member. This is shown in this screenshot as indicated by the red arrows and red outline. also prepares pre-formulated tweets or  “tweets-to-go” that thanks your most valued members for each category. This makes it really easy to recognize those valuable members that have connected and engaged with you.

2. Followers analyzes your followers based on your tweet history, interactions and keywords. The analysis makes recommendations regarding your twitter connections as follows:

  • Consider to reply: These recommendations highlights missed, unreplied tweets from your valuable members.You can tweet directly from the platform making the engagement seamless to your community.
  • Consider to re-engage: These recommendation highlights high-valued members who you have not engaged with recently. This is a way to encourage you to reach out to key members in your community that you want to keep front of mind.
  • Consider to follow: This is a list high-valued members you are not currently following.  Again, you can follow members on twitter from the platform.
  • Consider to un-follow: This is a list people that don’t follow you and has  little influence based  by your criteria and interactions.
  • New followers: This is a list of new connections to note.
  • New unfollowers: This is a list of those who have decided disengage by unfollowing.

The above suggestions makes it really easy to keep on top of your community and manage those relationships in Twitter. The prioritized lists increases the visibility of “what is going on” in your Twitter community. For each member suggestion made by, provides that member’s twitter interaction, so that you can drill down and see their most recent tweets, the number of engagements you have had with them and the number of followers.  You have the option of following through with the recommendations or manually over-riding the recommendations and prioritizing your members using your own business intelligence.

3. Groups lists your Twitter lists in this section. However, you can add additional private lists or groups in this section. Lists and groups is a powerful tool to both segment your community and to facilitate easy communication with the different connections in your community. It is a great way to keep the conversations going with your different groups.

In this section, Communit also highlights the top tweets for each group. Another method of ensuring you are on top of those important conversations and encouraging you to engage where it makes sense.

4. Monitor Engagement

This section lists members who mentions your websites and your hashtags making it easier for you to engage with members who are supporting and sharing your content and targeted tweets. 

5. Discover New Leads

This section lists members who used the key words that you want to track in your community. In my example below [figure 5], I added the key words “ poor service”. As you can see in figure 5, lists all members who recently mentioned “poor service” in their tweets. Now that is value, right? With this list, you can drill down for additional context and make a decision on whether to engage or not. This is a good first step in generating leads for your brand or community.

Discover New Leads Using ~ social media pearls

figure 5. The Discover New Leads sections lists members in the twitter community who mentions the key words listed as a criteria to track. In this example the key words are “poor service”.

In summary, Communit is a really good tool to help you slice and dice your twitter community to make it more manageable and staying on top of your relationships. The only thing does not provide is the discipline to execute. That has to come from you! The best way to take advantage of the tool, is to schedule time in the day to review and try to make it a daily habit. I hope this gives an overview on how to manage your Twitter relationships using Now it is your turn. Do you use a relationship management tool? What are your tips?










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