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Media Has Become Social: The Rules Have Changed and I Am Loving It!



I am a big fan of  the show, The Voice.

So during its  premier showing I was glued to my screen  with  my tablet on my lap. Why?

Because the show had promoted their social media component and I wanted to try it out. The show was amazing! I was “wowing” at all the appropriate places but I also found myself  “wowing” at how and where we were participating.

Watching TV is no longer a passive act. Fans were “Facebooking” throughout the show -you could follow and talk to the fans as if they were in the chair next to you. There were tweets going off every other second. Tweets were publicized on the show and getting responses in real time.

Then came the TV commercials!  Instead of looking at these commercials, I took the opportunity to continue the experience to see what the Facebook fans were saying. How many rules were broken in this one viewing?!  The game has totally changed for TV viewing.  I can interact and get a response not only from the fans but also from  representatives of The Voice.

People were downloading iTunes as soon as the contestants had finished. Viewers had the option to NOT being fed TV ads,  instead they could continue the experience elsewhere…..hmmm just thinking of those lost, ineffective TV advertising dollars.

So whether you are an active social media convert or not, social media is  part of our lives.

Technology and social media appears to be changing all the rules!

Have you experienced this?

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