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Rise Of The Patient. Be Inspired and Join Me

Rise Of The Patient. Be Inspired and Join Me

Rise of the patient talk radio was launched October 2012.

Since the launch of the show, I have been so inspired by my guests and the feedback from my listeners. This is a small tribute to both the show, guests  and listeners.




The key messages of this video are:

  1. Let us help [Dave DeBronkart]
  2. Lets partner and embrace transparency [Dr. Kevin Pho]
  3. Listen well [Sally Okun]
  4. No one knows your body like you do [Lacey Frazier]
  5. Your human equipment is being used to benefit another human being [Zal Press]
  6. Engagement is key [Jennifer Sprung]
  7. Your experience in the health care system can make a difference [Sholom Glouberman]
  8. You do not have to wait to change the world [Regina Holliday]


So what are you doing to be more engaged? To be more patient-centric? Here is my inspiration.

As for myself, I have become more motivated to do more in the health care consumer space. I have come to  realize that although the term patient centricity is widely used, it is also widely interpreted. In a recent post, I shared my excitement about seeing a conference titled “Patient Centricity”. However, it was obvious that the audience was not for patients, or patient communities; it was more targeted for corporate leaders.

Furthermore, during my interview in Rise of the Patient, the late Kevin Leonard shared that he was often contacted for patient initiatives because he was a bio-statistician and not because he was a chronic patient.

I think that the timing is right to drive and engage with leaders, to better define and develop patient-centric solutions, from the consumer perspective. I am working on a new initiative to give visibility to those leaders, institutions, businesses, products and services that are doing patient centricity and patient experience well, from the patient and/or consumer perspective. If you are, or know of, a patient, health care practitioner, leader and/or business doing good things, great things, anything to be more patient centric and to improve the patient experience, CONTACT ME.  I want to hear from you. As this is a consumer-driven initiative, I also want to hear from consumers! Let me know of your interest, so that you can get involved and receive the updates!

This is my Rise Of The Patient inspired idea. Help me bring it alive.


Thank you for indulging in my scripts!

image credit:  Yashna M on Flickr 



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