Social Media A to Z Series: B is for Blogs – 10 Reasons To Blog

My previous post touched on  A is for Audience. Thank you for joining me  and if you haven’t already, do vote on the survey in that post . I am intrigued, as I am sure you are,  on how many have defined their audience. Enough about A. We are at B is for blogs!

What are blogs?

  • This is  your space for telling your story!
  • This is your soapbox. Da Daaaah!
  • This is the fireside space to talking and sharing with your audience.
  • Sometimes a blog can be owned by more than one person. It really depends on your purpose and  what you want to talk about.
  • Tech talk:  a  “blog” is short-form for  for “Web-blog”

What would you talk about?

  • You can share your perspective.
  • You can speak to others with similar interests.
  • You can interact with your customers.
  • You can share ideas.
  • You can talk about health and/or lifestyles.
  • You can share news.
  • You can share how to do something.

The list is endless It is totally  up to you from Hollywood stars to the NFL to stamp collection. Be your own “Oprah. Ellen or Larry King“. I have linked their blog just in case you are interested. Your blog is the center of your social media presence.

Your entry (sometimes called a post)  can be short or long. A good guide is to  write about 250 to 450 words per post (I am in violation with this post but I have cute pictures). Each time you make an entry, it is dated and time-stamped.  This way both you and your audience will know how current the information is and it also provides a way to organize your stories  (also known as content).

The action is known as “blogging” I personally like to think of it as “story-telling”. There is usually a place where your audience can add comments and therefore have the opportunity to continue the conversation.

What is the point?

At the end of the day,  blogging is about communicating.

The reasons and motivations for communicating are many and will differ for different people.

Here are 10 reasons why people blog:

  1. Having a voice on a topic
  2. Sharing and receiving ideas.
  3. The ability to advertise or promote.
  4. The ability to showcase your expertise and establish credibility.
  5. The ability to meet interesting people- across the globe.
  6. The ability to mobilize people-  be it for a cause, issue or event.
  7. The ability to differentiate yourself
  8. The ability to build a following or form a group.
  9. The ability to attract people to a website.
  10. You may just enjoy it.

You can “set up shop” at little to no cost and become that voice. No approvals required. You control  what is published. Having said  that you should be aware of “social etiquette”- sometimes referenced as “netiquette”. Essentially be polite and respectful with your stories or blogs.

How do you start?

  • Before you start your blog, do think about the purpose of your blog and your target audience.
  • There are many resources on the internet that are free to help you write and structure your blog.
  • WordPress blogs  (like this one) are more comprehensive and has a good  wordpress starting guide
  •  For easing you into blogging,  makes it extremely easy to get started- post photos, favorite quotes and you are blogging. Another alternative is
  • Plan your blogs and publish regularly .
  • Develop a calendar for your publication  so that  you remain consistent with your postings.
  • Distribute your blog via email, your social network and other social sites.
  • Ideally blog about what you are passionate about. so that it is a labor of love and it shines through your writing. This might be a little challenging for corporate blogs however business blogs is about building relationships,  consequently this should also shine through the posts and the dialogue that follows.

I have listed a number of resources for your consideration  on my homepage sidebar under the category “blogging”. However I will highlight a couple in the body of this post, namely:

  1. Darren Rowse,  Pro blogger is an excellent resource and leader in the field and certainly worth a visit.
  2. 335 places to list your blog by Stephen Miller. You may be wondering where to list and/or where to distribute. This is a excellent resource to feed that curiosity!
Now share your thoughts. I have a poll below and I would love hear your comments.Do you blog? What were your key learnings in setting up a blog?
Again, if you like this post, by all means share it with your network. My next post in the A to Z series on social media is C is for Comments!

Thank you for joining me


Cartoon used with permission of Cartoonist.

photo from Flickr:cambodia4kidsorg

8 Responses to “Social Media A to Z Series: B is for Blogs – 10 Reasons To Blog”

  1. Blogging is good netiquette because everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.

  2. Great post Shirley,

    My blogs are my nerve centres to my online activity. They show my services, skills, advice and products which are specifically tailored to how I want to be perceived online. They have been very beneficial for my business.


    • Aidan, Thank you for this wonderful feedback! And of course for continuing the conversation! The points you shared on how you use your blog are spot on and the points are well taken. It really should be your “hub” or “homebase”. All your memberships to other networks should all lead right back to your blog. So great points Aidan!


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