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Why You Should Complement Your Social Media Efforts With Internet Radio

Why social media,  internet radio complement each other

Social media + Internet radio. This is why

“I want this; I want that; I want this, this and this. And I want it now!”

Does that remind you of a time and a year? Those terrible twos? Actually, it may sound like a toddler that is 2-years old but it is not. It is us! We are the consumer and we have become more demanding than ever. We want information here, there and everywhere. We want it at our convenience not when the supplier can give it to us. We want it in a format that is totally portable ie at home, on the road, another country. We want access every which way. We no longer want to be tied to a desk – we want it on the road, in transit and in our cars. In fact our car is our office these days. And oh yes, we want it at the right price. F-r-e-e. Free. So that was yesterday. Today, we have taken it one step further- that’s right we want more. We want all of the above but we don’t want to be always actively engaged – we want a choice. When we are in the car, we want to be connected but focused on the road. So a passive engagement is preferred. We want to just listen. After a stressful day at work, we are tired. Again we may opt for a passive engagement but still want to have a sense of being connected. We may just want to listen.

 Enter the mobile device. Enter the tablet. Enter social media and internet radio.

Mobile devices and tablets have seen exponential growth over recent years. Business owners who do not have a mobile strategy today are so behind the curve- are scrambling to develop one just to catch up.

Now, why have I put internet radio in this line-up. Well, the world has gone mobile. With mobility, comes a lifestyle change. Checkout these stats to help paint that picture:

Edison Research 2012: “This year, we are reporting that the weekly usage of Internet radio has increased from 22% of Americans 12+ in 2011 to 29% in 2012 – a jump of over 30%. This is the largest year-over-year increase we’ve seen since we began tracking this stat in 1998.”

 Mashable reported: “A study, commissioned by the digital audio advertising network TargetSpot, found that 42% of U.S. households with broadband Internet listen to Internet radio.”

How can you not take notice of those numbers? What is interesting is that the tablet has been highlighted as one of the drivers enabling this change. Although the younger 18-24 year olds were identified as the highest age group listening to internet radio, I also know that the Baby Boomers are the highest tablet users. I believe as more Baby Boomers get increasingly familiar with their tablets, they too will become more demanding about what they want to listen to – especially as they retire in the very, very near future. Internet radio has also entered the workplace providing a pleasant option for employees while they work on their computer. With the demand for mobility and passive engagement, internet radio fits the bill. What an opportunity! Granted music is currently the number one category for internet radio listeners but perhaps that is because there are so few valuable alternatives. How exciting! With the right quality content and a motivated audience, it certainly warrants exploration.

I was recently approached by my subscriber to host an internet radio show (Social Media Pearls). I decided to complement my social media efforts with internet radio. I am totally enjoying the process and although I entered this venture for all the above reasons, the additional value is also rewarding. The additional value is experiencing the metamorphosis of my social media guests from comments on a page to a live collaboration on social media- this is nothing short of amazing. It has brought my network alive! A whole new level of engagement. Wow! What a wonderful fit.

So I urge you to plan for those 2 year-olds; it really is not terrible at all. In fact it is quite the opposite.

Your turn. What do you think?




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