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Give StartUps A Chance #GiveStartUpsAChance

Give StartUps A Chance

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Co-Producers:  Shirley Williams and Tanya Krackovic

Tanya and Shirley in GiveStartUpsAChance

Social Media Specialist , Summer 2013 Kelly Gordon

Kelly Gordon, Give Startups A Chance

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Give StartUps A Chance

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Give StartUps A Chance Objectives

  1. To better understand the entrepreneur and startup landscape
  2. To share learnings and how-tos
  3. To ignite conversations with startup leaders in their field

Give StartUps A Chance Target Audience

  1. StartUps
  2. Global entrepreneurs
  3. Local entrepreneurs
  4. Mumpreneurs
  5. Dadpreneurs
  6. Intrapreneurs
  7. Business leaders
  8. Those thinking about entrepreneurship and startup

The Four Segments of Give StartUps A Chance

The Entrepreneur Landscape

This segment will paint a picture of the local and global startup landscape and what it takes to succeed.

Taking Root. Resources. Building Relationships [R3]

This segments will ask the questions of financing, making the right contacts to build relationships. It will share insights on how to progress along the startup lifecycle and it will also identify resources and agencies to give startups a chance.

Profiling Incubators & Accelerators

This segment will shine a light on those startups and entrepreneurs in the incubator and accelerator stage. The segment will share learnings, challenges and opportunities.

Leading The Way

This segment will share success stories and shine a light on leaders in the field.

Scheduled  Upcoming Episodes


1.  #GiveStartUpsAChance with Mark Evans on The Canadian Entrepreneur and StartUp Environment

Mark Evans Photo (Jan. 2012) Give Startups A Chance Guest






2. #GiveStartUpsAChance with Tanya and Shirley Reviewing StartUp Genomes Global Entrepreneurial Landscape 

Tanya and Shirley in GiveStartUpsAChance







3. #GiveStartUpsAChance with Yevgeniy Brikman [Jim] on StartUp DNA

Yevgeniy Brikman [Jim] on Give StartUps A Chance


Really thrilled to have Jim on the show. This will be a three part series and as he shares his observations

and walk us through his successful presentation on Startup DNA.





 Part 1, Making Excellent Mistakes


Part 2 StartupDNA  Speed Wins

 Part 3 Startup DNA Measures and Distribution

Part 4 The Importance of Sharing





4. #GiveStartUpsAChance with Gal Smolar, Technology  and Startup Lawyer. Understanding StartUp Legalities

Gal Smolar in #GiveStartUpsAChance






 5. #GiveStartupsAChance with Hadi Solah, MaRSDD

Hadi Salah on Give StartUPsAChance










6. #GiveStartUpsAChance with Andrew D’Souza on Attitudes, Talent and Investment for Startups

Andrew D'Souza on Give Startups A Chance














7. #GiveStartUpsAChance with Drew Green, CEO and Founder. The Journey of Shop.CA


Drew Greeb on #GIveStartUpsAChance









8. #GiveStartUpsAChance with Gavin McGarry, Founder of Jumpwire Media. The Passion of  A Serial Entrepreneur

Gavin McGarry on Give Startups A Chance









9. #GiveStartUpsAChance Entrepreneurship in Rural Canada: Spirit Tree Cidery with Nicole Judge and Thomas Wilson

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