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Social Media Series:U is for User-Profile.6 Personal Branding Tips

Spring cleaning and personal branding. Not a usual combination but it should be. It is that time of year; Spring cleaning! The time of year when you spruce up the old and bring in the new. Please Spring clean your user-profiles and maintain your personal brand. 

I have just spent a week of reviewing a number of my social network sites and to my horror I realized there were a number of gaps, out-of-date information and inconsistencies! So needless-to-say, I had to put some elbow grease into cleaning it up.  Why is this important and what should you being doing? Six simple, key  personal branding tips to share why.


1. Headshot Photo

Make it personal. It is not called “personal” branding for nothing.  Do not use your logo or product, if you are trying to build your personal brand.  People do not build relationships with logos, they build it with people. Your photo should be inviting – so smile.  For any of us in customer service and have had to answer the phone, the first thing you are taught is to answer it with a smile. It gives a sense of openness and invitation. The same is true for that photo. If someone had to write a caption below your photo- what would it be? If it is not complimentary- change it!

2. Name

Again, it is all about making that connection on a more personal level. Putting a company name instead of your personal name quickly reduces the temperature in the room- if you know what I mean. There is a place to put your business information, products and services. If you are building your personal brand – then in a section that is titled profile-  your personal name is required. I mean, when you go to a conference and a person forwards their hands for a handshake, do you expect them to say IBM or Winners? No you don’t. Need I say more.

3. Biography

Totally take advantage of this section. Share who you are. By all means add a hyperlink or two for more information about who you are. However do not just put hyperlinks and zero text. Balance it. Again, it is not called Bio for nothing. Bio means something that is living- there is life. This should be your social media “elevator pitch” about your person. Now I purposely said elevator pitch. Do not make it the equivalent of “War and Peace”. The attention span of visitors today is extremely short, so be succinct but be vibrant.

4. Tag Line

I love tag-lines. I do. It imparts a sense of who you are and what you stand for.  This is truly messaging your personal brand. It is about your promise to your customers. A good tag-line will take time to develop but then this is often characteristic of valued simplicity. So do take the time- It is your personal brand.

5. Consistency

I cannot emphasize this enough. Your profile, messages and photos should be consistent right across your social footprint. By re-inforcing your bio, tag-line and photo, visitors will not only remember you, they will begin to “know” what you stand for and do. This is good repetition.

6. Maintenance

Now I finish, where I started. At a minimum, annually review your profiles at your key social sites; ensure the information is accurate and represents you. In our world, things change rapidly and consequently information becomes out of date so quickly. Spring cleaning is definitely required.  Furthermore, within a year you would have grown and you may want to ensure your information reflects any awards or additional qualifications you received.  So bring out that duster and attack your profiles!

Can you add any more key points?







Cartoon used with permission of the Cartoonist.

7 Responses to “Social Media Series:U is for User-Profile.6 Personal Branding Tips”

  1. Michelle Gilstrap Reply April 1, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    Great point Shirley as always.

  2. Great advice. I particularly like the headshot tip I have seen some terrible avatars!

    • shirley williams Reply April 2, 2012 at 1:33 am

      Thank you Richard!
      I dont think everyone thinks it through. It is all about what image you want to portray. Thanks for visiting!


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