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24+ Crowdfunding Sites For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The number of crowdfunding sites seems to have significantly grown over the past few years. Furthermore, crowdfunding sites have gained exceptional attention in North America as a result of the US Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups (JOBS) Act in support of entrepreneurship and small business growth. The USA JOBS Act is designed to encourage small business […]

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Rethinking Global Supply Chain and Social Media

Is there a match with global supply chain and social media? I say “Absolutely!” However, for many in the supply chain space, there seems to be some hesitation.

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Social Media Pearls From My Business leaders

20 Social Media Pearls Of Wisdom From Business Leaders On Social Media

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview successful business leaders across the sectors on social media on my radio talk show. I asked all of my guests to end the interview with sharing their social media pearl ie their key message. I have summarized those pearls.

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Mumpreneurs & Social Media: Iradio & 25+ Mumpreneur Social Networks

A revolution is happening right now and women are leading the charge. Professional woman are returning home to take care of their family and building successful businesses like we have never seen before. While the debate continues on whether we should call these successful ladies mompreneurs or entrepreneurs, what is not in dispute is the […]

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