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Content Development and marketing

If you put it on the internet, it is content

What is content? I have had many conversations where content has been the focus of discussion. Content is often discussed as a project. These conversations usually take on the format of creating a masterpiece, which once complete is carefully distributed for all the world to see. While I agree that there needs to be structure around content development for both […]

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A to Z on Corporate Blogging Tips [INFOGRAPH]

This list of A to Z Corporate Blogging Tips is a follow-up to my recent post: Why Corporate Blogs Are Important. I that post, I described the value of blogging.  I this post, I would like to provide 26 simple tips to get you going with your business blog. Here are my A to Z […]

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Stop The Royalty Debate on Content In Social Media.12 Tips On How To Make It Good.

Lets talk about the content in social media. There are so many debates on whether content is king; Or it is distribution? Or is it context? Why are we investing so much energy deciding the royalty status? Really? What is a given, is that content  needs to be good and without it your may as […]

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