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20 Tips For Business Social Media Conversations & 10 Reasons Why

Why you need social media conversations  With so many of us chatting on the social web, I wonder how many think about whether this chatter is helping people getting them to where they want to go from a business perspective. Clearly many use the social tools to “just have a conversation” i.e. more recreational in […]

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Internet Radio Episode 1: What Is Social Media From A Subscriber’s Perspective?

The Social Media Pearls Show will launch its first episode this Thursday! May 17th 2012. This first show will be with four of My Subscribers! That’s right – My Subscribers. Isn’t that fitting? After all, where would I be without My Subscribers?

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The Power of The Conversational Tweet : 6 Reasons Why

I had a wonderful encounter last week that I really need to write about. Now I am going to ask that you give me a little latitude –  I promise I will get to the point of this title. I attended the virtual conference on Social Media and Employee Communications last week. I really […]

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Social Media A to Z Series: C is for Comments-10 Dos and 10 Don’ts

Ok we have talked about  A is for Audience and B is for Blogs. The two together is  the conversation via comments. C is for Comments. It might be obvious but I thought that there may be “some worth” shining a light on “comments”. Comments are how you interact with the  author and community of the […]

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