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2014 instagram review

2014 Instragram Review : A Year of 58,000+ Likes

  It is time to take inventory and today it is the 2014 Instagram review. This morning I received the following message on my Instagram account: “One of my favourites, ever. Thank you for sharing”. I was totally delighted by this response. I have been doing relatively well on my account but for some reason […]

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5 Tips To Build Perfect Tweets. The Sequel

With only 140 characters to play with, are you using your Twitter real estate effectively to send perfect tweets? Driving engagement and conversations are key objectives for many on Twitter and yet I wonder how much thought has been given into building that small, but mighty, tweet. Secondly, all the social network giants, including Twitter, are rolling […]

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Rise Of The Patient. Be Inspired and Join Me

Rise of the patient talk radio was launched October 2012. Since the launch of the show, I have been so inspired by my guests and the feedback from my listeners. This is a small tribute to both the show, guests  and listeners.  

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Rise Of The Patient Tribute: Kevin Leonard on Patient Involvement & Destiny

Rise Of The Patient. Tribute to Kevin Leonard A Life of Redefining Patient Involvement & Patient Destiny Last year I reached out to patient communities and leaders to share their stories and experience with the health care system on my talk radio show, Rise of The Patient.  I had produced the show with the hope […]

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