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Manage Your #Twitter Relationships Using Commun.it socialmedia

  Twitter is a wonderful platform to build communities, relationships and continue conversations but how do you manage your Twitter relationships and generate those so important leads? When you reach a sizeable number of followers and tweets, one of the biggest challenges when using Twitter is “How do you keep on top of your community […]

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10 Reasons Why Patients Blog and The 5 Reasons Why They Don’t Tell Their Doctors

Patients blog ? Now have you thought about patients who blog?  I recently attended (well listened-in) to the Medicine 2.0 conference. I found the Patient Bloggers Panel was one of the most memorable sessions of the conference. Why? It was a reminder of the human-side of Healthcare.

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What Social Media Subscribers Think: 10 Reminders

Episode 1 of the Social Media Pearls Internet radio show discussed, “What is social media?” from a Subscriber’s perspective (link to show). I certainly had a few  “Ah ha” moments.  In the video-clip below, I share an overview of the show.  

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Internet Radio Episode 1: What Is Social Media From A Subscriber’s Perspective?

The Social Media Pearls Show will launch its first episode this Thursday! May 17th 2012. This first show will be with four of My Subscribers! That’s right – My Subscribers. Isn’t that fitting? After all, where would I be without My Subscribers?

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