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Social Media Use In Retail

I really found this infographic enlightening that I had to share it. Although I know  social media use can change with time, it does give a sense of  social media use in retail. At least by the major retailers. Walmart  is all about engaging on Facebook with little use of the other major channels.They just […]

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A to Z on Corporate Blogging Tips [INFOGRAPH]

This list of A to Z Corporate Blogging Tips is a follow-up to my recent post: Why Corporate Blogs Are Important. I that post, I described the value of blogging.  I this post, I would like to provide 26 simple tips to get you going with your business blog. Here are my A to Z […]

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Why Corporate Blogs Are Important [INFOGRAPH]

I thought I would write a post on why corporate blogs are important, as I am perplexed when I still hear business leaders refer to blogs  in distaste. Why is that? If there is another option to connect with your customers, clients and/or prospects why would you not leverage that? This post is for those […]

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COMsumer Consumer Habit 8

Today’s 8 Consumer Habits Of the COMsumer [INFOGRAPH]

Earlier this year I introduced Today’s 8 Consumer Habits of the COMsumer.This is an update to that post with some interesting internet and consumer statistics in the form of an infograph.  As a reminder: Today’s consumers no longer just consume. Today’s consumer has totally changed. They are savvy and they have a voice. They are COMsumers! The name replaces […]

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