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8 Habits Of Today’s Consumer, The COMsumer

Todays consumer habits suggest they no longer just consumes. In fact we should no longer call them consumers. Here’s why.

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#SocialMediaPearls Internet Radio Episode 3: Jumping Into Social Media

Well we have discussed the ” What is social media from a subscribers perspective” and ” What is social media in the workplace“, let’s move onto “HOW”. As a business owner or corporation, you realize that social media is an attractive option to build relationships with potential customers and potentially for building your brand. However […]

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Align Your Social Media Strategy Across Your Organization Or You Will Fail.

I have gone to enough conferences over the past 6 months to pull the alarm. Consider it pulled. Why? I have gone to a number of social media conferences dedicated to functions or departments and I have found that each function had a different perspective on the fit of social media in their organization. Here […]

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