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Why Corporate Blogs Are Important [INFOGRAPH]

I thought I would write a post on why corporate blogs are important, as I am perplexed when I still hear business leaders refer to blogs  in distaste. Why is that? If there is another option to connect with your customers, clients and/or prospects why would you not leverage that? This post is for those […]

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24+ Crowdfunding Sites For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The number of crowdfunding sites seems to have significantly grown over the past few years. Furthermore, crowdfunding sites have gained exceptional attention in North America as a result of the US Jumpstart Our Business Start-ups (JOBS) Act in support of entrepreneurship and small business growth. The USA JOBS Act is designed to encourage small business […]

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5 Common QR Code Blunders. Make It Consumer Friendly & Worthy

Why have I decided to talk about QR code blunders? Well, I was riding the subway train recently and saw a QR Code (Quick Response Code) on the highest point on the wall. I tried to scan it and realized I looked like a drunken sailor waving aimlessly in a moving cart. Why on earth […]

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