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To Blog Or Not To Blog

To blog or not to blog? That is the question. I recently presented this very topic at the SocialHRCamp in Toronto this month. In addition to my recent infographic on “Debunking Corporate Blogging“, this slide deck demystifies corporate blogging. In this deck I address: What is a blog?  What is the business value of blogging? […]

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8 Habits of todays consumer, the Comsumer

Today’s Health Care Consumers have COMsumer Habits

  I believe health care consumers do far more than just consume. In a recent post I introduced the term COMsumers and their COM habits. In this post I am going to demonstrate how health care consumers exhibits all 8 COMsumer habits: 

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10 Reasons Why Patients Blog and The 5 Reasons Why They Don’t Tell Their Doctors

Patients blog ? Now have you thought about patients who blog?  I recently attended (well listened-in) to the Medicine 2.0 conference. I found the Patient Bloggers Panel was one of the most memorable sessions of the conference. Why? It was a reminder of the human-side of Healthcare.

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Internet Radio Episode 1: What Is Social Media From A Subscriber’s Perspective?

The Social Media Pearls Show will launch its first episode this Thursday! May 17th 2012. This first show will be with four of My Subscribers! That’s right – My Subscribers. Isn’t that fitting? After all, where would I be without My Subscribers?

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