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#SocialMediaPearls Internet Radio Episode 4: The Social Media Toolkit

What about your social media toolkit? So you have decided to jump in. You have set your goals and want to build your presence in social media. Should you blog? What network should you join? How do you “lift the fog” and bring clarity to your strategy and your social media efforts. Tools! Yes, you […]

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Pet and pet lovers social networks

18 Social Networks For PetLovers, Owners & Pets

Social Networks For Petlovers As part of my niche social network series, today I am going to cast a light on social networks for pets! Yes, that’s right, social media networks for Pets-Lovers, Owners and their pets. With over 170 million dog and cat owners in North America alone, there is clearly a strong social […]

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Social Media A to Z Series: N is for Networks ~ 40+ Social Networks To Consider

I have noticed that when the  topic of social network is raised, it usually turns to a discussion of Facebook. Granted it is the biggest player on the planet however it is not the only one. Ok, at some point in the discussion it may get to Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter (which by the way […]

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Manage Your Change In Social Media Or It Will Manage You. 12 Tips To Consider

This morning, I was doing my usual scan of emails and noticed I had received a recognition Klout “K” for social media. With a smile, I popped over to my Klout profile to find that I had dropped from a rating of  60 to 43 overnight. I immediately thought it must be a bug and […]

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