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Google’s Social Offering is Not Google Plus Social Integration is The Game.

“Google Plus Social Integration is the game” ~ Well I know that title has some people going! 🙂 I have stopped counting how many times I have been in discussions with people who have said they don’t like Google Plus as a social network or believe it is just a fad. What is eye-opening is […]

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The Queens of Hearts in Content Marketing and Social Media

Since I wrote my piece on storytelling in this space, I realize I was far from being original when choosing the title. Many have agreed content is king however I now realize that the crowning of the queen is a coveted spot with many claiming the position! In fact it was recently suggested that the term/clichĂ© […]

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Social Media A to Z Series: B is for Blogs – 10 Reasons To Blog

My previous post touched on  A is for Audience. Thank you for joining me  and if you haven’t already, do vote on the survey in that post . I am intrigued, as I am sure you are,  on how many have defined their audience. Enough about A. We are at B is for blogs! What […]

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