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5 Tips To Build Perfect Tweets. The Sequel

With only 140 characters to play with, are you using your Twitter real estate effectively to send perfect tweets? Driving engagement and conversations are key objectives for many on Twitter and yet I wonder how much thought has been given into building that small, but mighty, tweet. Secondly, all the social network giants, including Twitter, are rolling […]

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Manage Your #Twitter Relationships Using socialmedia

  Twitter is a wonderful platform to build communities, relationships and continue conversations but how do you manage your Twitter relationships and generate those so important leads? When you reach a sizeable number of followers and tweets, one of the biggest challenges when using Twitter is “How do you keep on top of your community […]

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#SocialMediaPearls Internet Radio Episode 5: Social Media Conversations

There is a notion that many of the social network sites generate a lot of noise and that much of the information  is only worthy for frivolous past-time. Perhaps an extreme view but I am sure there is an element of truth in that statement. In fact, I was one of them when it came […]

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#SocialMediaPearls Internet Radio Episode 4: The Social Media Toolkit

What about your social media toolkit? So you have decided to jump in. You have set your goals and want to build your presence in social media. Should you blog? What network should you join? How do you “lift the fog” and bring clarity to your strategy and your social media efforts. Tools! Yes, you […]

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