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20 Tips For Business Social Media Conversations & 10 Reasons Why

social media conversations. Lets converse and not talk

Why you need social media conversations 

With so many of us chatting on the social web, I wonder how many think about whether this chatter is helping people getting them to where they want to go from a business perspective. Clearly many use the social tools to “just have a conversation” i.e. more recreational in nature. However many use the tools to show another side of their business with the hope of building relationships and generating leads. Well although there are times when people do have a question around a business or product, people don’t always want to speak to people who are only after business. It is a delicate balance. I actually asked this question of my Linkedin Network. I specifically loved two contextual tips that were shared  and that is:

  •  People want to speak to people who have interesting things to say and
  •  People love to buy but hate to be sold

As a result, you have to anticipate questions and interest. Your other goal is to get people to know, like and trust you. At the same time, when you are in a social space, you also need to be very much self-aware and not turn into a  “Me Monster”. A very delicate balance indeed!

Here are 20 quick tips you should consider for Social Conversation:


  1. Decide your strategy, goals and objectives.
  2. Identify your audience and associated network(s).
  3. Follow people you want to build a relationship.
  4. Listen to members in the networks you have identified.
  5. Note where the conversations are taking place ~ where the questions and answers are prevalent.
  6. Prepare to pay it forward.
  7. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have some fun.
  8. Be courteous.
  9. Be authentic. Authenticity is a magnet for engagement. 
  10. Be Transparent. Being yourself is the first best step.
  11. Develop your online voice and personality.Some of the conversations will have little regard to business but lead to information about your business.
  12. Ensure your conversation represents who you are and what you stand for (your brand).
  13. Talk to your people as if you know them.
  14. Establish your thought leadership by responding to questions that are related to your business. This is different from a hard promotion.
  15. Stand by your message. Don’t say anything that you wouldn’t mind being read on the news. However if you have made a mistake, own it.
  16. Harvest interesting information from your conversations. Many conversations will lead valuable data. Learn from it.
  17. Maintain high visibility and be responsive.
  18. Don’t spam.
  19. Abide by the group rules.
  20. Use simple language. 


Value of these conversations

Why should you care?

  1. Gain new connections and increase your network.
  2. Re-establish old connections.
  3. Get new ideas.
  4. Gain business leads
  5. Get introductions.
  6. Get Job leads.
  7. Gain knowledge.
  8. Help drive your business.
  9. Gain recognition.
  10. Build and manage your reputation.


So go fine-tune your voice and conversations. Remember you will be having a conversation versus talking at someone:)


Spread the word.

A big thank you to my guests, Simon Hamer and Brandie McCallum who were on my iradio show to discuss this topic!


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